Best Women's Underwear

If you're looking for a definitive answer on the absolute best style of women's underwear, I have news for you: it doesn't exist. The truth is, perfect panties are like the Holy Grail- everyone's heard of them, but no one has actually seen them. Instead of trying to find the best women's underwear, you should focus on expanding your lingerie collection to include the right base for every outfit. Here's a panty primer to help you get started.

The Best Women's Underwear: Picking Panties for Every Outfit

*Banish VPL! Nothing kills the look of your sexy, slinky black dress faster than unsightly lines and bunches underneath its sleek silhouette. If you still don't own at least one, the time has come to embrace the thong. It's a must underneath form fitting dresses and skirts.

*Signs of the season. As important as how your underwear looks is what it's made of. Keep in mind that silks and satins retain heat and keep it near your body. This makes those luxurious silk skivvies fantastic for cold winters. In contrast, cotton is breathable, helping to keep you cool and dry in the sweltering summer sun.

*Color Counts. Try and pick lingerie that is similar in color to whatever you're wearing. Dark underwear under white pants is a big no-no. Likewise, black pants can darken your favorite pale panties.

*Find your comfort zone. Experiment with different cuts and styles until you find your personal favorites. Boy Shorts stay in place and provide a smooth look under pants and suits. Bikinis and low rise briefs are discreet options for underneath your jeans. And g-strings and thongs are hardly there at all.

The key to choosing the best women's underwear is to not choose at all. Instead, build up a variety of styles, so that you always have the right pair for the job.