Buy Women's Underwear

It's a staple of almost every Saturday afternoon made for TV movie. Enraptured by his woman's beauty, our steadfast hero fills the bedroom with red roses, surrounds the bubble bath with flickering candles, and presents her with an elaborately wrapped gift box. Inside, of course, is a beautiful piece of lingerie made (presumably) from exotic silk or outrageously expensive satin.

While this paints quite an exciting picture, it neglects to show the fact that for your average Joe Six Pack sitting at home, the thought of purchasing women's panties is a terrifying one. First, walking into a lingerie shop to buy women's underwear makes a man feel like a pervert. And second, most guys would have no idea what to look for even if they did work up the nerve. Well fear no more. The internet has eliminated the creepy factor. As for the rest…just take a deep breath, because I am about to demystify the world of women's panties.

Buying Women's Underwear: A Guide for the Average Guy

The most important aspect of buying women's underwear is fit. Nothing will kill the mood faster than sexy panties in entirely the wrong size. Not sure what her size is? Sneak a peek! Bra sizes can usually be found on a tiny tag near the back, and should include both a number and a letter. Panties and sleepwear will come in either a number size (4, 8, 10) or a letter size (s, m, l). Armed with the right size, you're now ready to move on to the fun part: selection!

Take your time and browse first. Keep in mind the kinds of things she wears, as well as what you'd like to see her in. There are dreamy baby dolls, sexy chemises, and fun boy short and cami sets. Once you've found the right lingerie in the right size, you're all set! There, that was easy. The roses and candles are up to you.