Discount Women's Underwear

Most women love collecting frilly under things, but cringe at lingerie shop price tags. If you know just where to look though, you can find discount underwear that doesn't feel like sandpaper against your skin. The real trick to finding affordable, fashionable panties is to stay out of those name brand stores all together. Let's face it, the only secret Victoria has left is why she charges three times as much as most other companies for the same products.

The internet is a savvy shopper's best friend. There you can do all the comparison shopping you like without leaving the comfort of your favorite chair. (Added bonus: you can't go to the mall wearing your fuzzy pajamas and green facial masque!)

Affordable Luxury: Discount Women's Underwear with Flare

Before you begin your bargain underwear hunt, make sure you are properly armed with sizes. "I think I'm a medium" doesn't cut it in the lingerie world, so close the bathroom door and whip out the tape measure. Once you know the size of your hips, waist, and bust, you're ready to get started.

Many of the more expensive underwear brands offer clearance and discount versions of their beautiful britches on their websites, so take advantage. Also, take a look at some web stores that specialize in women's discount underwear. Another trick to getting the most bang for your buck is shopping towards the end of the season. Silk panties sell like hotcakes in winter, but most brands inevitably have leftover stock come summertime.

With a little planning on your part, you can deck your body out in luxurious lingerie without breaking the bank in the process.