Women's Athletic Underwear

Women are competitive, driven creatures by nature. That's why we're constantly pushing ourselves to do better- whether it's in the boardroom, in the kitchen, or on the court. Finally, women's athletic underwear makers are catching up to us.

Whether it's a yoga class at the gym or a sparring match in the ring, comfortable, female-friendly sportswear can help provide you with the edge you need to push yourself to the top. Up until now, athletic underwear has been seriously lacking in these departments. But as more and more women are demanding panties tailored towards their active lives, designers are starting to sit up and take notice.

Power Panties! Women's Athletic Underwear Comes of Age

Brands like Smarty Pants, CW-X, and SLVR are designing sports underwear with women in mind. These mighty undies are made from new materials that help wick moisture away from the body, keeping you cool and fresh. (And getting your mind out of your pants and back into the game)

Another leap in the right direction comes from snug, stay put designs. No ride up means no more workout wedgies. Most of today's athletic underwear also comes equipped with wider, soft comfort waist bands.

And being athletic no longer means you are forbidden from being stylish. Today's sporty woman can choose from fun colors and delicious designs (even animal prints!) for her underwear needs. Which means you can be feminine and strong at the same time. And really ladies…what defines our femininity more than our strength?