Women's Boy Shorts

What if there were a type of women's underwear that was sexy, comfortable, eliminated panty lines, and came in a huge variety of colors and styles? No, I don't own a magic wand. I own a pair of boy shorts. Well, technically, I own several pairs, but that's beside the point. Not since Monica Lewinsky's infamous thong strap has the world of women's lingerie been so enraptured by a pair of panties. So what's all the commotion about?

Women's boy shorts are doing for women's panties what the boxer brief did for men: combining the best part of several other styles to create a hybrid short that really fits, in more ways than one. The concept is simple enough: full coverage briefs in the shape of tiny shorts. But this is one case where simplicity is sheer genius.

Women's Boy Shorts: Anything but Masculine!

Because they virtually eliminate panty lines underneath pants and suits, many women are turning to boy shorts to replace their thongs. The reason is easy to spot: out and out comfort! Body hugging shorts stay in place without traveling into, shall we say, uncomfortable places.

But comfort isn't the only reason so many women are donning shorts instead of bikinis. Because they come in a myriad of styles, there is a huge selection to choose from. From smooth cotton and microfiber to indulgent lace and satin, there is a pair of booty shorts for every mood.

Designers like Calvin Klein and Diesel make boy shorts that are coy and almost tomboyish, while other lines, like Ed Hardy and Adam & Eve design them devilishly sexy.

And boy shorts have found an unexpected fan in boyfriends everywhere. The consensus seems to be that because they hug a woman's curves and leave a little something to the imagination, boy shorts are very sexy indeed.