Women's Bra and Panty Sets

In the grand scheme of life, wearing a matching bra and panty set may not seem very important. (And ok, in the grand scheme of life it isn't very important) But you'd be surprised at how such a little thing can really perk up your spirits.

There is something about taking the time to choose pretty underwear that makes you feel good. It's like you're reminding yourself that it's important to spend some time on number one. You pin your hair up because it's part of your dress code at work. You chose those sensible black heels because you can walk in them all day. You wore those dangling green ear rings because your husband gave them to you for your anniversary, bless his soul. But you slipped into that pink polka dot bra and panty set just because they make you smile. In our harried lives, we seldom get to do something simply because it makes us happy.

Life's Little Luxuries: Women's Bra and Panty Sets

And when a woman's bra and panty set are on the sexy side, in can inspire a whole other kind of smile. The slow, seductive kind that spreads across your face in the middle of a marketing meeting when you remember that you put on that racy black thong and bra set under your conservative suit this morning. Sexy underwear sets make us aware of our bodies. And when we are in tune with ourselves, we tend to shine just a little brighter.

So, while your bikini and bra set might not stop global warming or save the spotted owl, it might just do wonders in the life one exceptional female: you.