Women's Bustier Lingerie

Often referred to a Merry Widow, bustier lingerie has been worn for centuries by women looking to tantalize with their feminine physique. When it comes to seductive, sexy lingerie, few things get the job done like this curve hugging, decollete revealing, corset- like garment. By creating the perfect hourglass silhouette, a bustier enhances a woman's form, creating a tighter, smaller waist and an impressive display of cleavage.

When it comes to the look of a bustier, less is definitely not more. No, the key to this enchanting wonder wear is that bigger is better- and abundant is best. The mechanics of the bustier are exquisitely simple: this long line bra fits tight against the torso; whittling the waist while pulling the breasts up. (Way up. As in, seriously attention garnering up)

The Bustier: Classic Lingerie, Modern Look

The structural concept behind bustier lingerie is concise; the variations, on the other hand, are endless. Strapless and cut low in the back, a bustier makes the perfect foundation underneath a strapless or low rising evening dress. Some women even like to layer them on as outerwear over a pair of jeans or skirt. (As in a certain pop music Goddess did during her "Like a Virgin" days)

Of course, the real fun begins when you bypass the evening dress all together and choose to give the bustier the staring role of your night in. Whether you go with one made of delicate white lace with delicious rows of ribbons up the back or opt for ultra naughty in black leather and zippers, this spicy number is sure to get you noticed in a big way.

Pair your bustier with matching panties, garter and stockingsā€¦and you may just need an extinguisher to put out the flames you cause.