Women's Comfortable Panties

Pantyhose snag. Underwire pokes. Stilettos pinch. Mascara runs. The women's fashion world is a perilous place. Seems the only haven we have left can be found in the form of comfortable panties. And oh what a happy place it is indeed…

It's very soothing to feel something soft and yummy against your bare skin; and a pair of comfy panties can make that stiff wool skirt so much more bearable. While the specifics of what makes underwear wearable vary from woman to woman, there are some sumptuous skivvy guidelines that apply to all panties worthy of being deemed "comfortable".

Mmmmm…. Women's Comfortable Panties

Fabric With underwear, it's all about feel. Does it itch? Is it stiff? If, in regards to your panties, the answer to either of those questions is yes, take a match to them immediately. (Go ahead, I'll wait here) There, now don't you feel better already? It may seem extreme to resort to pyrotechnics to dispose of underwear, but no respectable pair of comfortable panties would be caught dead being made out of some atrocious material. The feel of your panties should remind you of something happy. Like red satin sheets, or a fluffy white kitten. Burlap drawers need not apply.

Fit Once your underpinnings have passed the fabric test, its time for the equally important "fit" portion of our program. Comfortable underwear mustn't sag, droop, twist or ride up. It is impossible to feel cozy (much less be a productive member of a marketing meeting) if you feel like you are wearing a diaper. And very few challenges equal the task of discretely tugging free a wayward pair of panties. Inevitably, someone WILL walk into your cubicle just as you reach behind you. Please note- the no-ride-up rule does not disqualify thongs from the comfortable panty category. In fact, many of today's thongs stay in place and fit quite nicely.

So let bras and high heels remain the poster children for misogynistic torture devices…we've got comfy undies on our team, ladies. Bring on the mascara.