Women's Comfortable Underwear

For a long time, women were forced to choose between stylish lingerie and comfortable underwear. Luckily, today's vast variety of underwear choices means you really can get everything. (At least from your panties) Comfort and style are no longer mutually exclusive, as long as you know what you're looking for.

Start with fabric. Leather and lace are great for those nights of wanton lust, but for everyday comfort and reliability, you want to go with something that feels yummy against your skin. After all, nothing is more obnoxious than sitting through a tedious meeting with ill-fitting underwear! Cotton is a tried and true staple, but it's no longer the only choice in comfy panties. Seamless microfibers will give you the same feel with a better fit. And it's hard to go wrong with satin or silk. (Just because your unmentionables are comfortable doesn't mean they can't be sumptuous.)

Goodbye Granny Panties! Comfortable Underwear for Today's Woman

Still more important than fabric is style. Say goodbye to your mom's high waisted, bunch-in-the-butt granny panties forever. Bikinis are a modern alternative. Sitting about halfway between the naval and the hip, these panties offer moderate coverage and a sleek silhouette.

Boy shorts are another dreamy design in women's drawers. As their name implies, these are teeny shorts in stretchy materials. Boy shorts are immune to the much loathed panty ride up. They easily work as both underwear and sleepwear, and as an added benefit, guys really seem to dig ‘em.

If you are dead set on buying a pair of women's briefs, do yourself (and the back of your skinny jeans) a favor and avoid the full cut variety. Low cut and hipster briefs can be found anywhere that underwear is sold, and put a sexy spin on classic undies. Now if we could just find a way to make underwire tolerable, we'd really be in business.