Women's Comisole Lingerie

Women's camisoles have always played an important role in the fashion world. This conservative, sweet under shirt has always been an essential supporting character underneath low cut or transparent tops. No longer content to hang out in the shadows, camisole lingerie has quickly become a favorite leading lady in the sexy sleepwear department. Ready for your close up?

Sleeveless and tight fitting, a cami is meant to cover the torso. Usually made from either a cotton blend, silk, or satin, camisole lingerie can be found with or without a built in bra. The real appeal to these pretty tanks is the way that they seamlessly blend comfort and style. And when embellished with sheer lace and sexy tie ups, camisoles go from innocent to downright sultry.

Paired with a matching pair of panties, a cami becomes a complete seduction ensemble.

Undershirts Gone Wild: Women's Camisole Lingerie

Comfortable enough to wear while lounging around the house, a snug camisole and French bikini combination is just hot enough to make him forget all about that football gameā€¦. And everything else he was thinking about before you walked in the room.

And today's underwear designers are making it possible to take your camisole lingerie from the bedroom to the boardroom. New longer camis with thicker straps and built in bras look fabulous as part of your business suit or paired with a nice jacket over a skirt. Feminine enough to add some fun to your work wardrobe, but not so scandalous as to be inappropriate. (Please note, ladies: it is NEVER ok to wear a low cut or sheer camisole as a work top. Big no-no)

Once hidden away underneath sweaters and button downs, today's camisole is living in the lime light. And the lingerie world has never looked better.