Women's Corset Lingerie

Everything old in new again… Well that certainly seems to be the case in the lingerie world, where a very old undergarment is making a comeback. Women's corset lingerie is back in a big way, but this is definitely not Queen Victoria's underwear.

The concept of a corset is simple enough: a garment that molds the female body to the ideal hourglass shape. The simplicity ends there. There are variations of corset lingerie that run the gamut from delicate and demure to downright naughty. Stays made of wire or bone hold the stomach in while pushing the breasts up, making for a spectacular display of cleavage.

Party Like It's 1899: Corset Lingerie for Women

It's no secret that men are big fans of this particular undergarment- wearing a corset is almost certain to get a rise out of him. But they're not the only ones enjoying them; there is something utterly feminine about the intricate design, the delicate lace up, and the way they hug your body like a lover's caress.

If it's been a while since you've visited a lingerie shop, you may be surprised at the vast selection of corsets available. They are a favorite among bridal lingerie, and many women are choosing to wear a white lacey version underneath their wedding dresses. (I doubt that your average groom is complaining)

But white and frilly are only the tip of the corset iceberg. Leather, rhinestones, pearls and pinstripes are also gaining popularity among corset fans. And for a real bad girl piece of lingerie, there are new, low cut corsets that leave the breasts exposed all together.

Corset lingerie is among the most figure flattering seduction wear available. Paired with stockings, panties, and garters, a corset is guaranteed to make his mouth water. Slowly unlacing it will thrill you both… Who says the Victorians didn't know how to have fun?