Women's Cotton Panties

In an itchy lace and jewel encrusted thong world, it's nice to know that there are still comfortable, attractive options in women's underwear. Cotton panties have come a long way since their banishment as granny panties- shoved to back of the drawer, only to be worn on days when you feel bloated. Today, every fashionable style of women's undergarment comes in a cotton version. Ladies, let us celebrate.

Women's cotton panties seamlessly blend comfort, ease, and style, making them a top choice for many shoppers. Cotton is a natural, breathable fabric. This means staying cool and dry, whether you're working at the office or hitting the gym.

Women's Cotton Panties-Comfort and Style

And unlike silk or satin, cotton panties go from the washer to the dryer to the drawer. No hand washing, no drip drying, no ironing. (Because, really, who needs more hassles on laundry day?) And while some pricier lingerie needs special care to keep it from getting misshapen, cotton holds its shape wash after wash, ensuring that you've always got a great fit.

Actually, it's cotton's fit that makes it so versatile. Conforming nicely to a woman's curves, cotton underwear fits like your favorite jeans. And unlike the big billowy briefs of the past, modern cotton panties take the shape of the most popular underwear styles. Thongs, boy shorts, string bikinis- all in a variety of colors; and all in soft, cozy cotton.

For the eco friendly consumer, cotton provides another advantage. A sustainable resource, most of the cotton harvested today is organically grown and pesticide free. Which mean that even Mother Nature loves cotton panties. She always was a smart girl…