Women's Cotton Underwear

Most women would agree: there is a special place in lingerie heaven reserved for cotton underwear. And while many of us know that our cotton panties are our very favorites, we may not be aware of just how many benefits there really are to slipping into a pair of these comfy underpinnings.

You knew that breathable cotton keeps you cool in summer, but did you realize that its natural fibers can absorb up to one fifth of its weight in water before it feels damp? That means your cotton underwear is actually absorbing the moisture your body gives off and dissolving it into the surrounding air. (If only it did the same with cellulite...)

Wonder Panties! The Many Benefits of Cotton Underwear

And here's welcome news for allergy and asthma sufferers: because of its hypoallergenic nature, women's cotton underwear can help reduce the allergens that surround your body. No irritating sensitive skin, either. And nothing is yummier against bare skin.

What if your panties could help keep you out of the doctor's office? If you're wearing cotton underpants, this really is the case! Synthetic fabrics don't allow air circulation, creating the perfect environment for fungi and yeasts to develop. Its moisture wicking ability, as well as all important air flow mean better conditions below the waist.

For my eco-friendly divas, you also might want to keep in mind that cotton is a sustainable, renewable, biodegradable resource. Which proves something we all knew anyway: that Mother Nature wears a cotton thong.

Perhaps cotton's best asset is that it's the ultimate wash and wear fabric. From the washer to the dryer to the drawer- no drip drying, no hand washing, no need to iron. Because, really, aren't our lives busy enough without fussy panties?

So, the next time you are trying to validate buying yet another pair of cotton skivvies, keep these things in mind. Now that you know, there's no need to feel guilty about indulging.