Women's Demi Bras

The women's demi bra- you can think of her as the rebellious younger sister of the push up bra; a little smaller, a little wilder- and a big time rule breaker. With the demi bra, cleavage reigns supreme- and there's no such thing as over exposure.

Structurally, the concept of the demi bra is simple: underwire provides serious lift and support, while very low cut cups give a braless look underneath plunging necklines and snug sweaters. Simplicity, however, has nothing to do with the visual impact of the demi. Leaving the tops of the aureoles- and occasionally the entire nipple- exposed, no other bra pulls off this look with the same finesse.

Women's Demi Bras: Push Ups with Pizzazz

The sexy factor of a demi bra is through the roof. Soft lace or satin cups are molded suggestively to the bottom of the breasts, lifting them up as if in offering. The overall look is one of pure, unadulterated sensuality. Because wile the purpose of a demi may be to create unobstructed cleavage, the side effects prove to be very enticing indeed.

Go ahead and use practicality as an excuse to buy one. No one has to know about the rush of power that comes with the raw sex appeal of a demi bra. No one, of course, except for your naughty seductress self.