Women's Designer Swimwear

It's an affliction that most women come down with every summer: Bathing Suit-Itis. Sometimes referred to as designer swimwear phobia, it can best be described as an intense fear of full length dressing room mirrors, accompanied by cold sweats and hot flashes at the sight of bikini price tags. But there are ways to avoid this summertime misery and embrace the warm weather without running screaming from your local department store.

Start by embracing the designer swimwear difference- yes, those labels make them a bit more expensive, but the look and feel of a well made suit makes it worth paying the difference. A designer bathing suit will compliment your body shape better than an off the rack one, every time. High end swimwear is also made of better quality material. Which means not only a better fit, but longevity as well. A discount suit might last you for the summer, but you can get years of use out of its designer counterpart without chlorine and salt water taking a toll.

Women's Designer Swimwear: Feel the Difference

That being said, there's no reason to pay more than you absolutely have to. So avoid the big department stores all together, and shop online whenever possible. (Make sure you know your measurements, though, as fit is a crucial component to any swim suit) Checking out pre and end of the season sales, and being flexible in the style of swimwear you're after can also go a long way towards saving serious money.

Finally, remember that like swimming, swimsuits should be fun. So take two discounts and call me in the morning.