Women's Designer Underwear

Lingerie is an important part of any outfit. Designer underwear takes the functionality of foundation garments and adds a sense of luxury to it- taking them from a need to a treat. A study in designer drawers is like a whirlwind trip around the fashion world.

For years, Italian design has been synonymous with high end underwear, with names like Cavalli, Dolce, Armani and Prada leading the pack. Italian designer underwear is all about fit. It clings to a woman's form, enhancing her natural curves.

Love Thy Label: Women's Designer Underwear

On the other hand, French labels like Lola Luna, Luxxa and Valisere Tabu are feel oriented. Sumptuous silks, delicate lace and the softest satins make for a decadent lingerie experience. It's all about the feel against bare skin, making French lingerie exquisite in its own right.

American designer underwear falls comfortably in between. Design houses like Ed Hardy, Tommy Hilfiger, and Calvin Klein are all about the combination of look and feel. Taking their cues and inspiration from both French and Italian sources, they are creating under things with distinctive flare. Daring cuts combine flawlessly with skin caressing fabrics for a flattering fit that feels as good as it looks.

Once in a while, every woman should treat herself to a pair of designer underwear. It's one of those things, like good chocolate, great jeans, and shiny jewelry, that just makes everything else all better for a little while.