Women's Edible Underwear

You remember those candy necklaces we all used to have as little girls? Well they're back- and the latest incarnation of edible accessory is a very naughty version indeed. Women's edible underwear is not a new concept- they were probably born right around the same time as the bachelorette party. But today's incredible edibles come in more styles and varieties than ever before. Here are a few reasons why every woman should buy a pair (at least once):

Why All Women Should Buy Edible Underwear

They'll put a little zing in your routine. The modern woman is living a busier life than ever before. Between staff meetings, Pilates class and chauffeuring the kids to practice, it's easy to forget that before you were superwoman, you were a regular woman…with a love life. (Remember her? Yeah, well, she misses you too) Candy panties are a surefire way to rediscovering your once passionate personal life-at least for the night.

He'll like them. He'll really like them. Guys love spontaneity and sexy surprises. Walk into the bedroom wearing an apple leather thong or licorice g-string and he will be putty in your hands. Why pass up an opportunity to have his undivided attention?

They'll bring out your inner tigress. Think of your yummy undies as power panties. Pulling on something so blatantly sexual will make you feel like the wanton seductress you are underneath your business suit. And when you feel sexy? Well…see "he'll like them" above.

Think of the money you'll save on Laundry Detergent! Ok, ok, so maybe that's a little goofy. But that's just my point- edible underwear is fun. And whose life couldn't use more fun?