Women's Exotic Underwear

Women's underwear has come a long way from the days when a peek of ankle was considered scandalous and knees were a big no-no. The modern woman has endless choices in her lingerie selection, and the freedom to be as daring as she chooses. There's never been a sexier time in the history of women's unmentionables, and exotic underwear has never looked this good.

The advent of the Internet has made it possible for the everyday woman to purchase the kind of panties once only seen in seedy shops and strip clubs; enabling more and more good girls to choose risque lingerie to go under their cardigans and slacks.

And why not? Exotic underwear is fun, sexy, and feels just a little bit dangerous. It's like a wicked little secret that no one else knows about…unless you want to show them. And while satins and silks remain popular choices for g-strings, tangas and barely there bikinis, it's the real naughty stuff that's getting everyone's attention. Once considered fetish wear, leather thongs and studded briefs are going mainstream. (It's like a hint of S&M in your jeans) Pearls, jewels, feathers and bows are making an appearance in the exotic underwear world as well.

We live in a body conscious world. Embracing our sexuality and enjoying our form and femininity only seems like a natural extension of this consciousness. So go ahead and let loose. Have a little fun. Be wild, be daring! Just don't tell mom.