Women's Fashion Underwear

It has come to my attention that some otherwise intelligent women, perhaps even some of my own friends, are still buying all of their underwear in cellophane wrappers. Now there's nothing wrong with easy, affordable panties. Heaven knows we all need our stash of comfy undies. But if all you own are generic white britches, it's time to open your eyes to the women's fashion underwear world.

There is something utterly feminine about putting on a pretty pair of panties. Today's fashion forward lingerie comes in styles to suit every mood and personality. There are candy colored boy shorts with adorable cartoon critters, sexy bikinis with lace trim, seductive thongs from up and coming designers, and tiny satin g strings in brilliant jewel tones.

Panty Confidential: The Women's Fashion Underwear Revolution

Fashion panties are all about the accessories; those delicate details that separate them from your everyday underwear. Lace overlay, tiny bows, even pearls and rhinestones are now adorning underpinnings.

Jazzy underwear is a way of boosting your self confidence and kick starting your day. Don't think of it as underwear, think of it as therapy! Nothing is sexier than a woman that knows she's a knockout. And who wouldn't feel like a femme fatale in delicate dainties like these?

As an added bonus, fashion underwear is a way for women to express her creativity underneath the confines of her business attire. Suits and blazers have a way of stifling your femininity- forcing you to conform. But slip a racy thong or flashy string bikini under your conservative attire, and you can remember what a sexy little diva you are. So invest in a few panties that you find beautiful…even if they don't come 3 to a package.