Women's Fun Underwear

Tis the season…for inclement weather, cranky motorists, and impossibly long lines. It's important during this hectic time of year, as you find yourself battling thoughts of violence, to escape when you can. And sometimes, you can bring that escape with you- in the frisky form of fun underwear.

No, I am not suggesting that fun panties will do your shopping, cooking, or cleaning for you. But some festive lingerie can help you deal with holiday angst by putting a little cheer in your day. (And in your jeans) Personally, I find that stepping out of the shower and into my "Naughty Girls Get More Presents" boy shorts is a great way to make myself smile before heading out to tackle the screaming masses at my local department store. Women's fun underwear is like an inside joke between you and your bedroom mirror- one that can sometimes illicit a random chuckle out of you as you scurry around, getting everything done.

Playful Panties- Underwear as Stress Relief

And when it comes to holiday parties, and the relatives that you shall meet therein, your only escape from the craziness is often a quick trip to the ladies room. (Where you will, inevitably, come face to face with your fabulously fun underwear) It is at those precise moments, as you dash into the restroom after one to many peppermint eggnog twists and contemplate whether or not you can wiggle your way to freedom through the heating vent, that your cheerful little polka dot thong can save the day. Think of your fun panties as a simple reminder that as long as you keep laughing, you will make it to next year in one piece.

Just make sure your skirt isn't tucked into the back of that pair of fun skivvies before you leave the bathroom- heaven knows you're the talk of the family as it is. No need to give them any more reasons to speculate…