Women's Garter Lingerie

No lingerie collection, no matter how extensive, could be considered complete without a selection of garters. Women's garter lingerie is synonymous with sexy, and few articles of clothing have achieved the same cult status as these little scraps of nylon and lace.

As a practical alternative to pantyhose, garters are cooler and more comfortable. But the real wow factors of these ingenious stocking systems have little to do with practicality, and everything to do with blatant sex appeal.

Women's Garters: The Epitome of Sexy

Maybe it's the very intricacy of the whole garter belt concept that makes them so desirable. Maybe it's the combination of naughty and nice; the glimpses of skin through pieces of lingerie. Or maybe they just attract men on the most basic of levels: with all those clips and fastenings, they are very reminiscent of tools and toys- men's other two favorite things. As a woman, wearing something so sensual underneath your clothes has its own advantages; when you're comfortable with your sexuality, it shows. (And nothing is sexier than a woman who knows just what a bombshell she is)

For the uninitiated, here's a breakdown of how women's garter lingerie works: they start with stockings that end high up on the leg, usually with a band of lace hugging the top of your thigh. From there, tiny clips attach them to a garter belt. Matching the stockings, the belt sits at your hips and is also generally made out of lace, satin, or some other deliciously sexy material. In between, you wear a matching pair of panties-generally of the bikini or thong variety.

Whether worn by a lingerie novice or a seasoned panty goddess, garters are guaranteed to get a reaction. After all, there's no way to wear something like that and not feel like the sexiest thing in the room. And once you believe it…so will he.