Women's Halter Bikinis

Finding swimwear that flatters your figure is a difficult task. Finding flattering swimwear that is fashionable and pretty is doubly difficult. Luckily, halter bikinis are a great go to for both fashionistas and support seekers.

Halters are, by their very nature, beautiful and flattering. They leave the shoulders, which are among the most subtly sexy parts of a woman's body, delectably bare. They cling to those killer curves, which emphasizes a womanly build. And most importantly, a halter bikini does wonders for your bust. When you have abundant cleavage, it can be tough to squeeze into a bikini without spilling out of the top and sides. And while it may look great in movies, in real life, it isn't nearly as seductive when you have to keep stopping to adjust. Here are a few tips on picking the perfect halter bikini for your shape:

Supportive Swimwear: Halter Bikinis

• It's all about balance. If your natural gifts are bountiful, pick a halter top in a solid color, and pair it with boy short or skirtini bottoms to keep the look proportionate. Add a lighter color or some pattern to the bottom.

• Get a little help. If your cups don't exactly runneth over, don't sweat it. There are plenty of halter bikinis available with subtle built in padding. Just like your push up bra, a halter can help you collect and redistribute what you're already working with.

• Curvy girls look great in halter bikinis. Just make sure you pick the right size, and that your top has proper support. (not enough could mean you end up spilling out from under the arms- that doesn't look good on anyone)

Halter bikinis are a great look on almost any build. And in a world where over-share is the norm, they are a great way to be sexy while leaving a little something to the imagination.