Women's Lace Panties

Since its conception in the fifteenth century, lace has been a symbol for all the best qualities of womanhood. Delicate, beautiful, intricate- lace is quite possible the most feminine of all fabrics. Lingerie designers take full advantage of its innate loveliness, creating women's lace underwear that makes the wearer feel as soft and exquisite as the design itself.

Lace panties come in every style conceivable- from pastel colored thongs to bright bikinis and everything in between. Because it's fairly see through, lace adds a sensual touch to otherwise modest panties like briefs or boy shorts. Whether made from traditional cotton or a newer polyester or nylon blend, the feel of lace against bare skin evokes a sense of romance. It's no coincidence that most bridal lingerie is lacey.

Fun, Flirty, Feminine: Lace Underwear for Her

Because of its delicate nature, lace underwear does require a bit of TLC. Tossing in them in the washer could lead to tearing, and a clothes dryer will likely cause your lace panties to lose shape. Instead, wash your lace by hand, in a sink full of warm water and a mild detergent, then let them drip dry over the shower curtain, and you will prolong the life and beauty of your favorite pair.

If you love the look and feel of lace underwear, but want something a little stronger, try one of today's lace accented panties. These are beautiful underpinnings made from machine washable fabrics like cotton, but with lace trimmed edges or ruffles. That way, you get practicality and beauty, together.

Flawless in beauty, delicate by nature, lace is quite possibly the foremost expression of woman herself. What more appropriate place to pay homage to this comparison than on the most delicate, secretive part of your wardrobe?