Women's Lingerie Guide

I see them every time I go to the mall. The poor souls (invariably male) standing outside the women's lingerie store looking forlorn. I figure they'd like to go in and buy something for a special lady, but just don't know where to begin. Granted, Lingerie shops do have a tendency to seem scary at first- what with all that soft music and perfume in the air. But fret no more! Think of me as your fairy panty godmother, here to guide you through the perils of choosing a piece of lingerie to surprise her with.

Let's start with the basics. You already know what panties and bras are (I hope) but there is a whole other world of mystifying terms to contend with. Babydolls are like tiny little dresses. They usually have spaghetti straps, and are cut underneath the bust, floating away from the rest of the body. Babydolls usually come with matching panties underneath. They are both sexy and feminine, making them a great starting point for a lingerie collection. Chemises are similar to babydolls, but they fall in a straight line instead of flaring out.

Women's Lingerie for Dummies

In the racy lingerie department, you can find a teddy- which is among the most popular and well known women's lingerie. Shaped similarly to a one piece bathing suit, teddies are usually embellished with lace, and sometimes have cut outs at the top, leaving the breasts exposed.

If you want to go with something simple, try a camisole set. A camisole is a short stop- usually with thin straps. It's often made from satin or silk, and can be paired with matching panties.

Of course, you could also throw caution to the wind and go with a bustier or corset- both of which are sexy and just a bit naughty. Whatever you decide to buy, keep her tastes and likes in mind. It's hard to go wrong that way…