Women's Long Underwear

When winter's icy fingers start to snake their way along your spine, few things seem more comforting than a great set of long underwear. A staple of cold weather months, these cozy under things are like wearing your favorite blanket under your clothes- minus the bulk, of course. And with more varieties of women's long underwear available today than ever before, there is no excuse for braving the cold without them.

Traditionally, "long johns" have been made out of thermal material, which traps a layer of your own body heat within its woven fibers and uses it as insulation. And while many ladies still prefer the original thermal variety, silk is putting a whole new spin on the women's long underwear world.

Warm and Cozy: Women's Long Underwear

As a natural heat conductor, silk helps hold your body's heat close, making it a fantastic choice in winter wear. Silk under-clothes actually retain heat as well as their thermal woven counterparts; and many women prefer its feel. There is something very feminine and luxurious about the softness of silk against bare skin- and who couldn't use a touch of femininity when dressed in a big heavy coat and gloves?

Whether you chose silk, cotton, or thermal long underwear, fit is of the utmost importance. Winter undergarments should fit snugly against the skin, so as not to appear bulky or awkward underneath your regular wardrobe. (Be careful not to go with something too snug, though, or you may feel asphyxiated by the end of the day)

Women's long underwear has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a layer of clothing hastily snatched from a husband's wardrobe on a snowy day. Today, cold weather underpinnings are custom made for a woman's body…as it should be.