Women's Maternity Bras

Sometime between your third and fifth month of pregnancy, you may start to notice some changes in the way your bra fits. (Namely, you will suddenly notice that it has become unbearably uncomfortable, and that no matter how much adjusting you do, those infernal straps refuse to remain in place) The time has come to purchase a maternity bra.

Many women think that a fashion bra with a larger cup size than they usually wear can double as a proper pregnancy bra. But the truth is a real maternity bra is an invaluable source of comfort as your body goes through the changes that come with carrying a baby. As your baby- and tummy- grow, they are putting pressure on your lower back. Then, as your breasts begin to swell, that pressure compounds. Women's maternity bras are designed to offer optimal support, alleviating some of that back pain. Also, many maternity bras double as nursing bras later on.

Girl Talk: Finding the Perfect Maternity Bra

Keep in mind, your body will continue to change throughout your second and third trimester, meaning that you will probably have to purchase more than one maternity bra. More than any other undergarment, fit is essential when choosing a nursing or pregnancy bra. Pay careful attention to sizing, and measure every time you are going to purchase a brassiere.

Pregnancy is a time of discovery and wonderment. You are doing everything you can to make sure your baby is healthy and content. Just don't forget to make sure that mom is taken care of, as well. A good maternity bra could help make these nine months easier on you- and when you're happy, baby is happy.