Women's Mesh Underwear

Whether you're looking for panties that are sporty, sultry or downright scandalous, you may be able to find just the right fit in an unconventional fabric. Women's mesh underwear is gaining popularity across the board-and for good reason. Cool, comfortable and sexy, mesh is the perfect alternative in ladies' lingerie.

For the athletic maven, mesh provides obvious benefits: easy air flow means your mesh panties will keep you cool and dry, even during the most intense activities. Many lingerie companies are cashing in on the mesh movement by making briefs, boy shorts and bikinis put of the breathable material in athletic inclined cuts. (Read: stay put; no ride up design)

Keeping it Cool: Women's Mesh Underwear

Breathability makes mesh underwear a good choice for those that aren't super sporty as well. Keeping cool under your business suit can help you from getting hot under the collar during endless meetings or staff development days. And today's mesh panties are usually made from super soft fibers, which means you will be as comfortable as you are dry. And unlike silks and satins, mesh is easy to care for and washing machine friendly.

Comfort, athleticism, and feel aside, there is one more bonus that comes with a pair or mesh panties: they are smoking hot sexy. Allowing forbidden glimpses of flesh, they are the underwear equivalent of half drawn blinds. Even well hidden under a pair of jeans, a mesh thong is a little slice of exhibitionist fun.

Women's mesh underwear is available at most lingerie shops, as well as major retail or department stores, and there is a huge selection of online carriers. Seems there's a real demand for these peek a boo panties. Do you have yours yet?