Women's Modest Underwear

It's a thong run world- or is it? Not every woman is comfortable in skimpy skivvies, and modest underwear is seeing a resurgence in popularity among American women. And these conservative undies are nothing like the granny panties of yesteryear.

Bikinis, hi-cuts, and full briefs today are available in a multitude of colors and styles, giving even the shyest underpants aficionado a great selection to choose from, without feeling like a school marm. But perhaps the most popular model of modest underwear to make an appearance on the panty scene over the last few years has been the boy short.

Bashful Beauties: Women's Modest Underwear

Women's boy shorts are a fun, flirty take on modesty- combining coverage, comfort, and undeniable sex appeal. Available in styles ranging from low and cheeky to full cut, these hot pants are perfect for the woman that wants to leave something to the imagination.

Regardless of whether you go with boy shorts, bikini briefs, or some form of modest underwear in between, the fact remains that shy is still sexy. Need proof? Over 68% of men surveyed said that they'd rather see a woman in something less revealing than in a scandalous pair of panties. Guess bashful is beautiful, after all.