Women's Natural Underwear

Would you wear panties soaked in pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and chemical fertilizers? Unless you're wearing natural underwear, you may be doing just that every time you get out of the shower. It takes up to a third of a pound of chemicals (some of which are known carcinogens) to create a single pair of women's underwear from a traditional cotton field.

Natural underwear- that is, panties made from organically grown cotton- is made without the use of toxins and pesticides. Which means that when you pull on a pair of these comfy, cozy, cotton skivvies, you can be sure that you're not poisoning your body in the process.

Natural Essentials

You can also feel better knowing that by choosing to wear natural underwear you're taking the first crucial step towards saving a planet in peril. That may seem like a heavy statement to make about a simple pair of women's panties… until you realize that the pesticides and chemicals being sprayed over the world's cotton fields are killing off massive numbers of birds (and other wildlife) in the surrounding areas.

Still not convinced? Consider this: according to the World Health Organization (WHO) over 20,000 deaths occur annually from pesticide poisoning; many of these the result of cotton farming. Seems a high price to pay for that shiny new thong, no?

Natural underwear is the environmentally (and health conscious) way to go when it comes to shopping for new panties.