Women's Nursing Bras

You made it! You survived the hormones, the swollen ankles, and the midnight cravings for peanut butter and pretzels, and were rewarded with a tiny little bundle of joy. But now that you're no longer pregnant, you face a whole new set of challenges- starting with choosing a nursing bra. When you're ready to shop for one, here's a list of things to keep in mind:

Comfort: Remember, before and after feeding your baby, your breasts will be changing size. You need a nursing bra that will grow and adjust with you throughout the day. Look for one that's made from 100% cotton, or a Lycra blend. Also, look for a wider back and straps than you normally use- you're going to need the extra support.

Bringing Home Baby: Nursing Bras Decoded

Ease: Not all nursing bra designers seem to realize that you need to open and close them one handed- while holding a squirming infant! When trying on your bra in the dressing room, practice opening and closing the closures one handed. Snaps or buttons can be hard to work with, making it nearly impossible to be discrete. Instead, you might find it easier to go with a push close or a small latch.

Style: Once upon a time, all nursing bras came in two color choices: white, and off- white. Today, they can be found in cheerful colors, fun patterns- even with lacy details or sexy trim. (The better to show off your new, larger cleavage, my dear.)

Choosing the right nursing bra is about more than just staying comfortable, though. An ill fitting one can actually make the process of breast feeding more difficult. (A nursing bra in the wrong size can lead to clogged ducts, making it hard for your baby- and painful for you) If you've never done it before, this is definitely the time to go in for a professional fitting.