Women's Organic Underwear

Ok, my environmentally minded sisters- you're probably thinking that cotton is a safe choice for your panty selection. Unless we're talking about the organic underwear version, think again, sunshine. Currently, conventional cotton fields are sprayed with millions of chemicals yearly. And not just a spritz of Raid, either. These are pesticides that were originally conceived as toxic nerve agents during the Second World War… chemicals that are known carcinogens.

Pretty scary thought, huh? But luckily for us mistresses of the lingerie world, there are literally dozens of organic underwear varieties to choose from on the market today. (Britches that won't give us cancer, thank you very much) And if the thought of soaking up chemicals through your delicate nether skin isn't reason enough to switch to organic panties, here's another: those drawers may just help save the world.

Super Panties: Underwear that's Good for You

Yes, you read right- your organically grown thong could conceivably help save a planet in peril. Here's the skivvy skinny: As planes dump thousands of chemicals on cotton fields, those pesticides are absorbed into the earth and neighboring crops, and whooshed away in the wind to surrounding homes and land. And as insects become more resistant to those very chemicals, more and more amounts are used, killing off birds and other wildlife.

So, buying that pair of organic underwear makes more of a statement than you may realize. Talk about power panties.