Women's Padded Bras

Whether or not we will ever admit it, most women own (at least) one padded bra. That doesn't mean we are unhappy with our bodies, or even that we are unhappy with our cup size. It's not a case of false advertising, or trying to be someone we're not. Nope, women's padded bras fall into the same category as our extra volumizing mascara, three inch heels, and those skinny jeans that make our butts look J-Lo worthy. They take what's already thereā€¦ and kick it up a notch or two.

There are literally dozens of different padded bra styles available in lingerie shops and online today. Padding materials range from gel and water to silicone and microfiber. When trying one on, don't forget to give the cups a caress. You want the padding to feel natural, and to bounce back from an accidental squeeze without getting misshapen. Also, the position of the padding makes a difference in the look you will get from the bra. Padding within the entire cup will give the impression of a generally fuller breast, adding about a half to a full cup size. Padding along the outside of the cups will push your breasts in closer together, creating the look of killer cleavage. And when the padding is found along the bottom of your bra cups, means your girls will get a real lift.

Extra Helpings: Women's Padded Bras

So go ahead, ladies. Blow out your hair, reach for the leather pants, and apply that plumping lip gloss. Enhance the rest of your fabulous self, confident in the knowledge that your padded bra is doing its job.