Women's Plus Size Bras

Smart girls know that fabulous things sometimes come in full figured packages. When it comes to lingerie for real women, there is a whole new world of plus size bras available for the taking. Gone are the days where a busty gal's only choices were homely lunch lady bras in basic beige or wimpy white. Today's femme fatale's can take their pick from dozens of fun colors, sleek fabrics and fabulous fits. Here are a few simple ideas to keep in mind as you shop for your next set of sexy underpinnings.

Curvy girls need more support: This means that your plus size bra should have an underwire to help lift, and thicker straps so that it doesn't dig into your shoulders. Also, look for a wider back, with three to four hooks. This will keep your brassiere from rolling and bunching throughout the day. And never ever try to squeeze into a smaller cup size- it's hard to pull of a sexy outfit when it looks like you have four breasts.

Glam Goddess: Plus Size Bras

Versatility rocks: Look for a convertible straps that let you take your plus size bra from halter to strapless and back to push up. Also, when you purchase your new frilly friend, make sure that it fits comfortably on the middle hooks. That way, if your body changes a bit (Or, say, you swell a bit when PMS time rolls around) you don't have to run out and buy a new bra.

Know thy outfit: Lace and bows are always sexy, but seamless is queen under sweaters and tees. Make sure you have a selection of bra styles to choose from, ensuring that you can always tailor your lingerie to your mood and clothing.

Most of all, keep in mind that large is lovely. Banish the word minimize from your underwear vocabulary. Honey, if you've got it- flaunt it.