Women's Push Up Bras

Not since Eve donned her first set of fig leaves has an article of clothing had such a profound effect on cleavage. Women's push up bras are an essential part of any lingerie or foundation collection; and if you don't own one yet, honey it's time.

The idea behind a push up bra is simple, really: defy gravity in order to make your bosoms look fabulous. Impossible, you say? HA! Through time immemorial, we women have done everything we've ever set our minds to, and certainly aren't about to let something as trivial as physics stop us now. Enter: the underwire. A good underwire is what puts the "push" in a push up bra. (Which, by the way, could be just as aptly named the ‘collect and redistribute' bra)

3…2…1…LIFTOFF! Push Up Bras and the Women That Love Them

Underwire lifts the breasts skyward, while some subtle padding at the sides of the bra's cups pushes them together. The result is a look that is sure to leave you looking stacked- and his tongue twisted.

The push up bra is an important part of a woman's seduction arsenal, as it usually has the effect of kryptonite on most men. How can he possibly resist your fabulous form when your bra just gave you all the curves of Jessica Rabbit?

But regardless of his reaction to your push up bra, you're going to love it. No, it's not as comfortable as your soft, worn sports bra. But then you don't throw on those spiked heels for comfort, do you? No, a push up bra is about a state of mind; the feeling of femininity that comes with being dressed to the nines. And knowing that you look smoking hot doesn't hurt, either.