Women's Racerback Bras

When it comes to words usually used to describe your bra, "comfortable" seldom enters the equation. Women's racerbacks are working hard to break that stereotype. With a T back design, a racer bra helps take the tension out of a notoriously irritating undergarment. All while eliminating the unsightly bra straps that peek out from underneath sleeveless tops.

A racerback bra is designed to help keep the shoulders back, improving posture and stance. And if lessened back pain and fatigue aren't incentive enough to stand up straight, how about the added bonus of better cleavage? (Just like mom always said, ladies, shoulders back, stomach in… makes you look taller and leaner.)

Women's Racerback Bras: Comfort Meets Style

Come summertime, your racerback bra becomes your best fashion accessory. As the temperature heats up and you begin to shed some of your winter layers, you want to look warm weather chic. And looking good is all about the details. No one wants to mar the look of an adorable tank top with visible bra straps. The T back of a racer makes strap slippage a thing of the past.

Paired with the right underwire support, a racer back pulls double duty: providing both the comfort and support of an every day bra, and the specialization of an eveningwear undergarment. Many of today's racerback bras have seamless, smooth fronts, making them all but invisible underneath sheer, sleeveless tops.

Women's racer bras are aptly named: between comfort, support, and a sleek look, they are the brasserie equivalent of a sports car. Without straps, of course.