Women's Revealing Underwear

So you've finally got all your underwear basics covered. You have your thongs for when you wear tight pants. You have your cotton boy shorts for hitting the gym. You have your bikinis, your g string, and your control top (for the day after Thanksgiving)… your lingerie collection is complete. Or is it? The way I see it, once you have all the nice pieces, it's time to start collecting the naughty ones. Women's revealing underwear is more fun than ever before, and if you don't own any sinful skivvies, it's time to get shopping.

Sexy panties range from barely there to downright scandalous, and finding the right style for you is simply a matter of deciding just how wild you're ready to be. Peek-a-boo panties (aka the crotchless variety) have long been the standard for naughty knickers. Today, this old favorite has gotten a facelift, and is available in more styles than ever before- from lacey crotchless boy shorts to easy access thongs.

Getting Cheeky: Women's Revealing Underwear

For my sisters with bountiful assets, there's a new trend in revealing panties: putting the peek in reverse. Taking advantage of a woman's natural rear cleavage, there's now a whole collection of underwear with lace panels or sexy cut outs in the back.

If you're ready to go ultra daring, try the new C-String strapless panty. Constructed similarly to the underwire in your bra, this sultry little number clings to your body. No straps, no panty lines…hardly any panty at all!

Whether you're looking for your first garter and panty set, or you're a revealing underwear veteran, there is a sexy look out there for you. Just look out; buying sensuous lingerie can be addicting, and you may find yourself clearing out your sensible underwear to make room for your new finds.