Women's Running Bras

Finding a good running bra can prove to be tougher than winning the LA marathon in a pair of Jimmy Choo's. Not enough support, and your morning jog can end up being uncomfortable. Too much, and you'll feel like you're working out in a straight jacket. Luckily, many of today's running bra makers are putting women first- designing workout wear with the female form in mind.

For curvy women, there are several new options in the sports bra world. For example, zip fronts and criss cross straps mean comfort and support during even the most strenuous of exercises. (Plus, you don't have to be a circus contortionist to get them off and on) And for those who are not quite as, ahem, large in the chest area, there are new running bras available that have underwire or built in cushioning- allowing for a smoother workout.

And They're Off! The Race to find the Best Running Bras

Another new innovation in the jog bra world is the revamping of the tank style bra. These longer brassieres offer support, with the added versatility of being able to double as an exercise top. Perfect for yoga or long runs, the newer styles of tanks help keep you cool by wicking sweat away from the body; all while still helping you look sporty on your way in and out of the gym.

From warm up to cool down, a good running bra will stay snugly in place, without bunching, twisting, or ridding. Once you find the perfect fit, it may just take the sting out of that early morning work out.