Women's Sexy Lingerie

Ok, ladies, are you looking for a new excuse- ahem, reason- to go shopping? Well here's a doozy: sexy lingerie can actually improve your health! Don't believe me? Here's some food for thought:

Teddies for Blood Pressure Control: While that scandalous little lace number might be raising his blood pressure, it could just be lowering yours. Studies have shown that wearing something seductive puts you in a more mellow mindset, helping to lower blood pressure and relive tension. It's stress relief, delivered via sexy lingerie.

Sexy Lingerie: It Does a Body Good

Better Self Esteem- From the Panties Up: Slipping into a daring negligee and dabbing a little perfume behind your ears is a simple yet effective way to remind yourself of what a gorgeous little diva you really are. And when you feel good about yourself, you are less likely to be afflicted with depression or other psycho-emotional problems.

Pain Relief, Calorie Burning, and Better Cardiovascular Health: Ok, so your sexy lingerie can't actually ease pain. But a tumble in the sheets can. The more physical contact you receive, the higher the levels of Oxytocin hormone in your system. And Oxytocin- aka the love hormone- increases your endorphins, leading to relief of everything from PMS cramps to headaches. So canoodling with your honey while wearing a slinky nightie really can make you feel better. As for those last five stubborn pounds; well a round of naughty play can burn up hundreds of calories!

So girls, grab that credit card and get yourself to the mall. And remember- it's all in the name of good health.