Women's Sexy Underwear

Ladies, there's one major rule to follow when you're buying lingerie: don't forget to K.I.S.S… keep it sexy, sister! Be warned, though- sexy underwear can lead to fun, fearless behavior. Not sure where to start on your hunt for naughty knickers? Here's a breakdown of sexy suggestions.

Look out for number one: Buying trashy lingerie to please someone else can be fun, but only if you really love it. The real test of whether a pair of panties is sexy is not whether or not he thinks so, but rather if you do. So if you're uber girly, avoid the leather thong with matching handcuffs. You'll be more comfortable (and by extension, much sexier) in something covered in pink sequins or seductive ruffles. Don't try and be someone you're not. Then again…

Flaunt What You've Got: Women's Sexy Underwear

Be someone you're not! Once you've covered your bases in the safe sexy underwear department, go out on a limb and try something so unbelievably different that even YOU don't recognize you. Think of it as a seductive little costume. No need to stop at the panties, either. Go ahead and get the garters and baton to go with those handcuffs. Playing the role means you get to shelve your shy side for the night and just work that naughty mind.

Own your curves: You're wearing the sexiest panties you've ever seen in your life. The lights are dim, the champagne is chilled, and he'll be home any minute. Now is not the time to bemoan your thighs. Or your butt. Or your insert-insecurity-here! Take a look at that fine diva in the mirror- the one wearing the bright purple g-string (or the rhinestone studded bikini, or the black lace boy shorts-you get the picture) and remind her that she is a sexy, strong, beautiful woman. No go knock his socks off.