Women's Silk Underwear

For a long time, silk was considered the forbidden fruit of the underwear world. Expensive and hard to wash, silk panties were relegated to prom nights and honeymoons. But today, women's silk underwear is more readily available than ever before. And new silk blends mean more affordability and easier care.

There's something indescribably luxurious about the feeling of soft silk against bare skin. Because of its ability to trap heat and wick moisture away from the body, silk makes the perfect material for layering under your winter wardrobe. Companies like Cabela and Warm Stuff are even making long underwear in silk now- helping women stay warm while enjoying the sensuous sensation of skin on silk.

Women's Silk Underwear- Everyday Elegance

Of course, you needn't need to wait for cold weather to slip into something silky. (Who needs an excuse to wear silk panties?) All major women's underwear makers have a selection of silk underwear to choose from, meaning you can own sumptuous skivvies for all seasons.

And though silk underwear takes a little more care than your common cotton drawers, the days of taking your pretty panties to the dry cleaners are over. Many washing machines have delicate cycles appropriate for washing silk lingerie, as long as you use the right detergent. Or wash them by hand in the bathroom sink in lukewarm water.

A few no-no's still apply: Never dry your silk panties in the electric dryer or outside on the clothesline. Instead, straighten them out and drape them over the shower curtain or lay them flat on top of the washer. A little care on your part will ensure your silk underwear stays looking, and feeling, beautiful.