Women's Skimpy Underwear

Nothing will ruin an adorable outfit faster than lumps and bumps in the wrong places. Like a strong building, clothing has to start with a solid foundation, and choosing the right undergarment can make all the difference in the world. Skimpy, barely there underwear can be a girl's best friend when it comes to looking good in something snug.

The thong has been ridding the world of the dreaded visible panty line for years now, but it is no longer a woman's only choice in skimpy skivvies. Tight jeans are always sexy, but not everyone wants to flash their whale tail at the world. (You know, the T shaped top of your thong strap peeking out above the waistband of your super skinny denim) For those ladies who want to keep their underwear well hidden at all times, they now have super low rise G-strings to consider. These sexy panties are cut low enough to stay well hidden underneath even the lowest slung pants.

Banish Panty Lines Forever with Women's Skimpy Underwear

Speaking of sexy, nothing looks better than a confident woman in a power suit. But don't kill the buzz with a pair of granny panties that bunch and pull under your sleek tailored pants! Instead, opt for a minimal bikini, which will provide coverage without marring your look. Remember; fit is of upmost importance under dress pants. (Too loose and your underwear wont sit still, too tight and you'll look like you have four butt cheeks)

For the ultimate in women's daring, skimpy underwear, try the C string, or strapless g-string. These panties have no strings, straps, or sides! Just an underwire-like stretch of fabric that hides only the barest of necessities.

You work hard to achieve the look you want-don't let an underwear faux-pas hamper your fabulous style!