Women's Spandex Underwear

There's a reason why super heroes wear those spandex underwear over their bright tights. Spandex is like the Clark Kent of the panty world: quiet and unassuming… but full of wondrous properties and colorful secrets.

Women's spandex underwear may not enable you to leap over tall buildings in a single bound, but it does have some neat tricks of its own. Spandex's super stretchy fibers can be pulled to five hundred times its original size, and still maintains its shape and hold. That means that unlike most of your other skivvies, your spandex panties will keep their original shape and fit forever; no matter how many times they take a spin in the washing machine.

Spandex to the Rescue!

Like all good super panties, your spandex undies come in a huge variety of bright colors and styles. The nature of spandex makes its fibers absorb colored dyes completely, making for rich, saturated hues that don't fade in the wash.

And because it's hard to save the world when you're damp and uncomfortable, spandex underwear wicks moisture away from the body, helping to keep you cool and collected. Lightweight and tear resistant, spandex also feels just plain comfy- and wont stick to your body lotions or oils.

Everyone knows that women have super powers: the ability to make dinner, balance the checkbook, iron a shirt and email a seven page business proposal with a feverish toddler balanced upon your hip, for example. Now, your underwear can follow suit. Now if only they could take you up, up, and away…