Women's Specialty Bras

You know your bra basics, and have them covered: push up, underwire, classic black, crisp white, comfy sports bra. But for those times when an outfit calls for something out of the ordinary, it's time to familiarize yourself with the specialty bra world.

Specialty bras are all those brassiere styles that stray from your basic bralette shape- everything from a minimizing bandeau to a customized low back U plunge. And sooner or later, every woman's undergarment wardrobe calls for some special attire. When you're building up your specialty bra collection, here are some essential styles to keep in mind:

The World of Specialty Bras

Strapless Bra: A good, no slip strapless is a must have in your underwear drawer. While not the ideal candidate for your every day or work bra, it is the perfect choice for underneath evening wear with low necklines, or those super sexy tube dresses.

Adhesive Bra: Backless, strapless, and barely there, an adhesive bra is the closest thing to going au naturel. More than any other specialty bra, it's important that you not skimp when choosing an adhesive bra- lest you find yourself in an embarrassing situation.

Plunge Bra: Few items of clothing are more flattering on a woman than a V neck sweater. And nothing will ruin the look of a beautiful neckline than a visible bra. A plunge style brassier provides spectacular cleavage, without giving away any underwear secrets.

Keep in mind; these are only a sample of the specialty bra shapes available. To tailor your own collection, take a look at your favorite items of clothing, and build from there. After all, no one knows your special needs more than you!