Women's Sports Underwear

Every day, women are hitting the field, the pool, the court, and the track- and breaking new ground. It's not easy (we never claimed it would be) but at least we have found an unexpected ally in our panties. Women's sports underwear has made huge strides in the past few years; and today's models are built for comfort and agility. When you're pushing your body to its limits, you don't want to be distracted by anything, especially not uncomfortable panties!

Sports underwear is designed to stay in place, no matter how rigorous your workout gets. Briefs, bikinis, boy shorts- even thongs are being designed with the athletic woman in mind. Wide, soft elastic at the top prevents bunching and slipping, while innovative new materials are keeping us more comfortable than ever.

Wonderwear! Women's Sports Underwear

Stretchy materials like Lycra and spandex are now being blended into women's sports underwear because of their quick drying nature. And because keeping cool means staying comfortable, these new super panties also wick water away from your body. Breathability and dryness may be more important than you realize: dark, moist places are breeding grounds for bacteria, making those stuffy skivvies the perfect place for a yeast infection to develop.

Competitive by nature, women find new ways to test their own limits all the time. Luckily, sports underwear designers are catching up- creating supportive panties that feel good against the skin, and give us a slight edge on the field. Supportive, attractive, cool and gentle... now if only these panty makers were designing men, we'd really be in business.