Women's Strapless Bras

Any woman that's ever worn a sleeveless dress, asymmetrical top, or off the shoulder blouse will tell you about the importance of owning a strapless bra. Very few things look quite as tacky as black bra straps sticking out from underneath dainty spaghetti straps. But how do you choose the right strapless brassiere for you? Here's a run down on the basic strapless styles:

The Adhesive: These stick on bras have no straps, no backā€¦nothing but cups. Though they are fabulous for deep necklines and backless clothes, they can be a little tricky to master. Some of the "bargain" adhesive bras can turn into a fashion nightmare when the sticky backing wears off halfway through the night! (My recommendation: NuBra- it's more expensive, but won't slip or fall off midway through your blind date) Though they are the most discreet version, these strapless bras are not for every occasion- i.e. NOT a good jogging bra. Also, if you have a larger bust, you may find these lacking in support.

Women's Strapless Bras: Choosing One That Sticks with You

Back Closure: This is the classic bra- sans straps. Not ideal for clothing that's cut very low in the back, but perfect for off the shoulder and sleeveless tops or dresses. Hook and eye closures along the back make for a secure fit and stay put design. Also, most of these strapless bras come with underwire- perfect for lift and support.

Bustier: Bustiers are strapless bras whose bottoms extend down the torso- combining your bra and shape wear in one easy piece. The added benefit of a bustier? A smooth, sleek look underneath snug evening wear.

Convertible Bras: The most versatile of bras, these come with detachable, re-arrange able straps. Convertible bras go from strapless to halter to one shouldered. This is definitely the where you'll get the most bang for your bra buck.

Strapless bras are an essential part of every woman's lingerie collection. With a little diligence, you can find a style that works with all your skin baring outfits.