Women's Teddiette Lingerie

How do you take one of the sexiest forms of women's lingerie…and make it even hotter? Blend it with another favorite, of course! Teddiette lingerie is what happens when you cross a teddy with a garter and stockings. The normally feminine teddy gets a sexy vamp job when garters are built in to the bottom and it's paired with matching thigh high stockings.

Generally sexier than your average teddy, teddiettes replace lace and bows with plunging fronts, mesh panels, seductive cut outs, and thong backs. This is definitely lingerie with a kick. It's racy seduction clothing at its finest. There is nothing subdued or subtle about this naughty nightwear…

Best of Both Worlds: Women's Teddiette Lingerie

There are nights when you just want to be held and cuddled…the teddiette is not for those nights. No, teddiette lingerie is more suitable to candle lit nights of wanton lust. Slip the entire teddiette ensemble underneath an evening dress for a night out and you'll have a hard time concentrating on dinner. (Concentration will not, however, be a problem when you shimmy out of your dress later on- he will be very focused on your every move)

Lingerie shops and online retailers are carrying more styles of teddies and teddiettes than ever before; a testament to their growing popularity. Today, they can be found in more colors and styles than you can imagine. There is even a large plus size selection to choose from.

Women's teddiette lingerie is a provocative choice for any special evening- even if you're just celebrating the fact that the kids are at your mom's house for the night.