Women's Underwire Bras

When it comes to women's underwear, few items are as important a part of our wardrobe selection as the underwire bra. Underwire is, as its name might imply, a wire that curves under the breasts, lifting them up, and offering both better support and a more anti gravitational appearance. And as any gal larger than a B cup will tell you, both of those virtues make underwire an indispensable accessory.

According to brassiere legend, the underwire was invented by none other than famed aviator and movie producer Howard Hughes for curvy brunette bombshell Jane Russell. While filming The Outlaw, Hughes grew so distracted by the seams on Russell's bra showing through her clothing that he fashioned a seamless bra, supported by a thick metal underwire, for her.

Working the Look: Women's Underwire Bras

Women's underwire bras have certainly come a long way since their less than glamorous Hollywood beginnings. Today, supportive bras come in every shape and color- from black satin push up bras with a daring plunge front to fun pink polka dots that seem almost to adorable to hide underneath clothing.

There's a reason why underwire bras are the best selling form of women's undergarments. They offer a supportive, classic look under every outfit. And they are oh so much more affordable than the plastic surgery alternative!)