Commando Mini Cami Slip Caramel
Commando Mini Cami Slip Caramel
Commando Mini Cami Slip Caramel
Commando Mini Cami Slip Caramel
Commando Mini Cami Slip Caramel, view 1
Commando Mini Cami Slip Caramel, view 2
Commando Mini Cami Slip Caramel, view 3
Commando Mini Cami Slip Caramel, view 4


Mini Cami Slip Caramel

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Commando's mini cami slip is the perfect piece for layering under your favorite dress for extra coverage or to prevent wear on delicate fabrics. It's made of a luxe European fabric that prevents static, and constructed with adjustable straps and a patented weighted hem to ensure a smooth, fashionable fit without creep-ups or discomfort. Fit-tested by real women.
  • Fabric: Luxury European Microfiber: 78% Nylon, 22% Spandex
  • Care: Wash cold.
  • Constructed in USA.
  • Measurements: 16 in from waist
  • Size and Fit: Model is in a size S
  • Commando style MNCS01
  • Item No. 55552

About the designer

What's better than going bare? Going Commando. Women's Commando lingerie, that is. With an assortment of fun and feminine trappings, Commando intimates have just the thing you need to bring out your own inner sex goddess.

Sure, Commando has your underwear basics covered with essentials like wild thongs, better than nude seamless panties, and bras kissed with just a touch of lace. But what's even more impressive is the collection of beyond the basics pieces that you can find from women's Commando intimates.

Better than Bare: Going Commando

For example, women's Commando lingerie is the first to bring you accessories that include Takeouts. Call them what you will, but most women simply refer to these little miracles in a box as a no-hassle breast job. Forget Dr. 90210, these bad boys add a full cup size without a single scalpel scrape. Or, to add a little oomph to what you're already working with, there are Cleavage Cupcakes. (Grope tested, guy approved) Having trouble keeping those headlights in check? Then scope out Lowlights, which are proven to tame your irascible nipples, no matter what kind of bra you're wearing.

Of course, you needn't be looking for awesome accessories to appreciate women's commando lingerie. Because let's be honest, the lingerie itself is pretty darned awesome all on its own. Cute colors, sensible styles, and luxurious extras combine to create the kind of underwear look that every woman loves best.