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Spell & The Gypsy Loves Me Not Blouse Cream

Spell & The Gypsy Loves Me Not Blouse Cream
Spell & The Gypsy Loves Me Not Blouse Cream
Spell & The Gypsy Loves Me Not Blouse Cream
Spell & The Gypsy Loves Me Not Blouse Cream

Spell & The Gypsy

Loves Me Not Blouse Cream

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The Loves Me Not Blouse is complete with embroidered detailing on the sleeve, a rope neckline with tassels and an elasticated cuff for gently billowing sleeves. Looks great knotted over your favorite slip dress.
  • Fabric: 51% Cotton 49% Viscose
  • Care: Hand wash.
  • Imported.
  • Measurements: Length: 70 cm
  • Size and Fit: Model is in size S
  • Spell & The Gypsy style 193155G04
  • Item No. 79123


About the designer

Spell & the Gypsy Collective is a modern, Bohemian fashion brand inspired by far-away places, vintage treasures, and childhood memories. Spell taps into the sense of nostalgia, beauty, and freedom that complements the female spirit. Whether on vacation, at a festival, or any place that opens the most vibrant, expressive part of you, Spell helps bring that spirit to life.

Fun, festive and gorgeous, Spell and the Gypsy's collection of boho dresses, printed blouses, lace rompers, flowy skirts, and more stand out for their versatility and beauty with distinctive patterns and prints. Vintage-inspired and with a modern twist, each piece is made especially for free-spirited individuals who love to show off their creativity and sense of style.

In 2015, Spell & the Gypsy began their journey to lessen their impact on the Earth to become more eco-friendly. It is now their vision to become one of the most inspiring and conscious fashion brands in the world. And inspiring they are! Spell strives to minimize their harm to the planet in all that they do. It is amazing to see a brand with such a dedicated following have such an incredible dream and to continue working towards that dream despite the fact that it is not easy, it is not cheap, and it is not the industry norm or standard. Spell goes above and beyond to make the Earth a better place for everyone.