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Thursday, November 9, 2017
Mae Elizabeth, photographer and fitness instructor extraordinaire, tells us a little bit about herself and picks her fav pieces from Largo Drive to get her through her busy days!

Photographer & Fitness Instructor Extraordinaire

Mae Elizabeth, long time friend, incredible photographer, and fitness instructor extraordinaire, tells us a little bit about herself and picks her fav pieces from Largo Drive. Take a look and see how she goes from instructor mode, to lounging with her cute pups at home, to running around her hometown of Atlanta.

Read our interview with her to find out more about Mae and her budding fitness career!

How did you first get into cycling? And when did you first start teaching indoors?
I started riding outside for fun in 2013 when I was in college. That's what really started me even having a slightly active or healthy lifestyle as an adult. Within the first year and a half, I had decided I would try racing locally. I dabbled in racing road and cyclocross before I decided to add in more indoor cycling. In the Summer of 2016, I was paying for a coach, but had quit my steady job for the freelance life. Money wasn't always guaranteed at that point so I decided it would make more sense to get paid to ride bikes, rather than pay someone else.

What are your three favorite songs right now to play during your spin classes? And where do you find new music?
Oh gosh, only three? Ok, I'll tell you three songs on my playlist for today:
Give it to the Moment by Kiesza
Rhythm is a Dancer by Pitbull Remix
Keep Rockin by Pumping Guys

I find my music on DJ websites mostly. There are plenty of sites to browse for music, trade with other instructors, requests from riders, just so many places to find music honestly. I will say that I really like remixes and mashups the most. I try to keep top 40 music to a minimum and introduce my riders to other great music.

Tell me about the outfit you're wearing here? How would you wear it?
This outfit is very comfortable, but I'd probably keep it for an athleisure look while out and about. That or I'd use it during a low impact or less sweaty activity, or during a workout where you aren't lying on the ground. Side note, I definitely got self tanner on it and it bleached out great! So note that you can keep it white if you get it dirty, but I'd still steer clear of those bootcamps in a grassy field. Get her athleisure looks here!

Your photography is amazing! When did you first get into that and how do you think it's helped your current career?
Thank you! I got into photography in 2007 during my last year of high school. Then I went to college at SCAD for it. Although I don't use the photography I "studied" for on a daily basis, photography in general has opened a massive amount of doors for me. Good photography is key if you're marketing yourself (or anything for that matter)! I'm not the best story teller with writing, but I think having images to support my pieces has carried me a lot further with my blog and guest writing. Besides using imagery for my social presence, I do still commercial photography work for clients and do a lot of retouching.

How did you first start getting into the influencer world?
I used to be a marketing manager, and before tips and tricks for growing a following on Instagram was such public knowledge, we would use my personal account to test our theories. I then started posting my cycling adventures every single day. From there - brands started to notice me - the first one being Levi's. It escalated little by little and more opportunities started arising. Now I'm very proud to say I've worked with brands like Tarte Cosmetics, Redbull, Oakley, Specialized Bicycles, and so many more. It's been an incredible experience.

What's a typical day look like for you?
That's tough because they vary so much so I'll just pick a Tuesday as an example. I get up and do your standard life stuff like emails, taking out the dogs, and eating before I head to the first indoor cycling class that I teach. I'll then grab lunch, head home, retouch for a few hours, head to my next class, come home, eat, sometimes retouch more or make my playlists, and head to bed. In between each of those things I'm posting on IG, having phone meetings, and drinking a ton of water. Oh, and driving. I live at least 40 minutes from each class so I'm in the car A LOT.

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